Hey, we're Chloe & Linc and this is just the beginning of our story...

We are just starting our journey in the digital world and we are so excited to share our story with you.

Our story is a little different to some others online, in the way that we are not actually looking to replace our day-to-day jobs with an online business. Truth is, we LOVE our jobs (well Chloe does anyway)! What we are looking for is a way to boost up our regular income, through the time and location freedom of a digital business!

Funnily enough, 3 months ago, we did not know the first thing about starting an online business. All we knew is that we had big goals, and we needed to find a way to achieve them... in a way that didn't involve hassling our family and friends to sell them things, working in 'higher-paying roles' that we did not align with, or working extra hours than we already did (these were our absolute non-negotiables).

SO, whilst sifting through the piles of different business opportunities that did not align with our values or our non-negotiables, Chloe was lucky enough to finally stumble across The Freedom Formula, and we have not looked back since! Not only has The Freedom Formula totally changed our perspective on time and money, it has also provided us with a channel to earn extra income through a digital business, while we are busy spending our energy kicking our other goals (study, travel, renovating our house, and ultimately having enough cash-flow to add more time and value to every one of our days!!).

What is The Freedom Formula all about?

  • An online platform (developed by two amazing business mentors Jade and Kev) with a range of different online courses available to completely change your own 'money story' and permanently change your perspective and understanding of money and time (for the better).

  • An affiliate marketing channel - learn all about what this business model is, how to do it, THEN have the opportunity to join the Freedom Partner Program to start earning high-ticket affiliate commissions OR take your learnings and apply them to a business of your own choice.

  • Got a niche digital business idea, but not sure where to start? Learn how to create your own digital content and develop this into a business.

Where to start with the Freedom Formula?